Feb. 9th, 2013

ellid: (Medieval quilt?)
I left work yesterday just after 3:00 to give myself enough time to get home before the 4:00 pm driving ban went into effect. I made it with a few minutes to spare, made dinner, and fed the Triple Felinoid, who were somewhat surprised to see me during daylight on a weekday. The snow started to get heavy after dark, and I was very glad to see the plow guy I'd hired show up for his first swing through the neighborhood around 8:00.

It was then a matter of hunkering down, writing, farting around on the Internet, and generally waiting for the THE GREAT SNOWPOCALYPSE OF DOOM to descend on the Last Homely Shack and kill us all, or something. Despite high winds that kept me up until around 1:00 am, that didn't happen (duh), but there's about two feet down, the deck looks like something out of the frozen dacha scene from Dr. Zhivago, and my poor little car now has about a foot of snow on the roof.

I haven't gotten nearly as much done today as I thought I would, but that's not much of a surprise; it's been that kind of day. Now it's time to make dinner, finish up tonight's Daily Kos diary, and then watch a movie. Dinner ho!


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