Dec. 26th, 2013

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So...a lot has happened, as you might expect:

- Got an actual editing job, that is paying me actual cash money, for an upcoming supplement for a game. So far it's going well, and the author is pleased. I'm pretty psyched, since this is the first time I've made serious money writing.

- Sold a short story to Circlet Press over the summer, and one from a previous anthology appeared on their Erotica Advent Calendar in early December.

- Roomie had some health issues and ended up in the hospital for over a week. Her treatment was, to say the least, not nearly as good as what I got at a different hospital, and I'm urging her to write a letter of complaint.

- Got a very nice profit sharing bonus, which allowed me to pay off a couple of my medical bills from last summer.

- Had a bat get into the house in late September. Fortunately the cops came and got it out, but because Gil went after it I had to quarantine the little !#!$@!#$! for six weeks. Not fun AT ALL, but fortunately no harm done.

- Speaking of Gil the Wonder Cat, he's grown a *mane* (really) and is developing some truly magnificent fluff on his hindquarters, throat, and underside. He's incredibly silky, incredibly silly, and I adore him.

- Lost a ring with huge sentimental value while pumping gas...and showing that God (or St. Anthony, patron of lost causes) actually does keep an eye on fools like me, some kind and generous soul found it and turned it in at the cash register. Thank you, whatever power brought this gift from my mother home where it belongs.

- And just tonight, someone at a local laundromat either stole or accidentally walked off with an entire load of my laundry, including my bathrobe ( :( ), several old pairs of underwear (meh), a sweater I'd recently found and resurrected for wear ( :( ), most of my towels, and my favorite t-shirt (*wails*). I called the cops and am filing a police report so I can notify my insurance agent to see if I can get any compensation, then headed over to Target to replace my underwear (which needed it anyway), socks (ditto), and towels (ditto ditto). And much to my shock, I found a t-shirt identical to the lost one at the local Salvation Army!

Of course this means I'm still out a bathrobe, which is upsetting because I loved it, and it was a gift from a dear friend. If St. Anthony (or whomever) is listening, I would be humbly grateful if my possessions found their way home somehow...but I will take what I can get.

So - that's the last few months. What about you, my friends? Bueller? Bueller?


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